Thursday, 24 October 2013

Repurchases: High Street / Drugstore Must Haves.

 photo 20131024_085140-2_zps6d1191c0.jpg

I have tried and tested quite a lot of what the high street (read; Boots) has to offer in terms of make up and I have to say not a lot of the products make the cut. There are however a few gems that I will probably repurchase again and again for all time. Yes, ALL TIME. Ready? OK...

Maybelline FitMe Concealer £5.99 / 6.8ml
This concealer just has the nicest texture. It glides on and blends amazingly even with fingers and covers both blemishes and redness with ease whilst looking really natural on the skin. I actually don't think I could live without this.

L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim £6.99
If you don't have time to fuss over eyeliner but still like to achieve a stunning cat eye every morning, don't worry! Your needs can be fulfilled by the purchase of this eyeliner. It makes doing your liner 100 times easier as the nib is really thin. Its also REALLY black, lasts all day and is just perfect actually.

SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Bronzing Powder £4.59 / 10g
My final offering today comes in the form of this cheap and AMAZING bronzer. The quality of this is fantastic for the price. Its perfectly matte, just pale enough to be subtle and really easy to blend. My previous one smashed which was pretty devastating but to be honest, I got over it rather quickly seeing as the price is so reasonable.

So thats my top three picks of the "drugstore" I suppose, what are your recommendations? 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Favourite Outfit #1

 photo 2013-07-10211007_zps90b941a6.png

Say hello to my favourite dress of the moment.. ahhh.

This is one of those Primark gems that pops up about once, maybe twice a year and sells out instantly. This dress was £5 - an absolute bargain for that reason alone, not to mention I've already worn it about a billion times over. This dress is all I want to wear and I wish wish wish WISH I had the sense to pick up like, 5 of them. I'm keeping my eyes peeled but every single type and colour of this dress has disappeared from every single Primark store in my area. I could cry.

Perfect in so many important ways: easy to wear, minimal accessories required, apt for all seasons, flattering yet not revealing... I've worn it whilst rambling through the countryside (the sheep definitely couldn't stop looking at it), I've worn it to the beach, out for dinner, shopping trips, you name it, I've worn it everywhere and it works like a dream.

If you can get your hands on this dress, buy it. Because you need it. Really.

So anyway, here I am sharing this dress with the internet in the hopes that it will live on forever... Here are some romantic images of my favourite summer dress of 2013 and probably all the years that follow.

 photo 2013-07-10210938_zpsa3999677.png

 photo 2013-07-10210906_zps3b3f8b0d.png

 photo 2013-07-10210837_zpsee8bd465.png

This picture also includes another Primark gem. My favourite summer bag. You could call it "vintage Primark" as the bag is really old now and I only paid £1 for it. Amazing. You will find me wearing this combination everywhere I go.

P.S. I did manage to get the navy blue version as well, so all is maybe not lost.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

L'Oréal False Lash Telescopic Mascara

 photo 20130710_200342_zps6639d7a6.jpg

L'Oréal False Lash Telescopic mascara £10.99 / 9ml

This has been my favourite mascara for about a year or so now. It is a little pricey (as all UK mascaras tend to be) but I find the results to be worth every penny.

 photo 20130710_201256_HDR_zps670f999d.jpg

 photo 20130710_201243_zps845a3240.jpg

I have included two pictures of the wand because each side of it is different. This to me is the reason the mascara is so good. By using each side of the wand in turn with a bit of wiggle action you can get both volume AND length. Hurrah! To show you what I mean, here are some up-close pictures of my eyes....

 photo 20130710_194703-1_zpsa1331393.jpg

 photo 20130710_195318-1_zpsdc3ed60f.jpg

As you can see, my naked lashes certainly aren't anything special; sparse, fine and rather short to say the least. But with 2 coats of this mascara and lots of wand wiggling (does that sound wrong?!) my lashes look longer, thicker and curled - and I haven't used lash curlers. On a good lash day and when the mascara is at its best - roughly 1-2 weeks after opening; I have even been asked if I'm wearing false lashes! Win!

Now, I'm not flying the "holy grail" flag for this yet as I don't think I have tried enough mascaras to make such a claim and I do want to try the original Telescopic mascara at some point; but for the foreseeable future this is my mascara of choice. I just love it!

Friday, 26 April 2013

My Picks #1 : Real Techniques brushes

 photo Realtech_zps6134941c.png

We all know them, and for the most part we love them... The Real Techniques brushes by Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo were hugely anticipated and now they are hugely adored by all us beauty lovers. I too have been wowed by them and have picked out the best of my collection. These are the RT brushes that I use daily and I would really struggle with my makeup without them!

1. Blush brush - £9.99 - This is the first one I purchased and I've not used anything since. I use it for all my powders and it is really brilliant at blending. I swirl the brush in the colour, pop it onto the apples of my cheeks and then apply a bit of pressure and really blend. I also use this for setting powder and just use the lighter top section of the brush.

2. Stippling brush - £11.99 - I lurrrve this brush for foundation and cream blush. I use it for foundation when I want a really perfected look and I have a lot of time to work it into the skin properly. It seriously gives the nicest finish and doesn't allow for any "cake". I think the most popular use for this brush is for cream blush and although I don't wear it all too often, when I do I reach for this. I actually bought a separate one for blush as I love it so much for foundation and I didn't want to have to wash it constantly. Eww I know.

3. Deluxe Crease brush - £21.99 (as part of the Starter Set) - AKA Concealer brush. I think I only bought the whole pack that this brush came with so I could use the brush that the Pixiwoo ladies use for concealer. It didn't disappoint. Its a really good size and shape for the job and makes light work of covering blemishes and dark circles. I wonder why they didn't actually market this as a concealer brush?

4. Setting brush - £8.99 - This one is one you possibly could live without, I mean I used to powder all over my face with a big brush and it wasn't the end of the world. However, I use concealer under my eyes every single day  and not long after I found out this existed I realised it was a bit frustrating having to scrunch up my blush brush to fit into the contours of my eye sockets! This brush is the perfect shape and density for gently patting transluscent powder over my under-eye concealer. So while for some this may be an unnecessary step, I really enjoy it and will continue to give my concealer this special treatment.

5. Expert Face brush - £9.99 - I reach for this on days when I am in a hurry but am still applying a full face of foundation (pretty much every day. Sigh). It's not quite as perfecting as the stippling brush but it requires no effort and does a great job in no time at all. The shape is great because its not too big to fit in the "crevices" and not so small that its inefficient. I think that this is my most used RT brush actually.

They are such good quality brushes, I have experienced no shedding whatsoever. Also, because the fibres are synthetic they don't need cleaning as often as natural hair brushes. By the way, I do know you are supposed to clean brushes often, but lets all be honest and admit we don't have time to fully cleanse our brushes every day. As far as washing goes, they are easy to clean and I just use whatever soap / shampoo is lying around as long as it isn't harsh. They also dry really fast, yay!

Just a quick word on the packaging - I don't actually like the design. I'm not a fan of the colours and I don't need to be able to stand them up so I don't really benefit from the wide bases on the bigger brushes. It actually makes them harder to store in pots/mugs etc. Although I do understand that from a makeup artist's point of view the self standing brushes and the fact that they are colour coded by use would be really handy so I won't say anything else against it.

So that's it. My favourites! I haven't actually tried all the brushes (yet?) as these are keeping me going just fine at the moment. I'm not as crazy for the Buffing brush as everyone else seems to be but I quite like the idea of the Contour brush, so buying that whole set may be my next move... What are your favourites?